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    Duane and Elaine Morgan, master photographers, are a husband and wife team who have dedicated their lives to creating and capturing images which depict the awesome power and unequaled beauty of nature.  Professional photographers since 1970, they are masters of their art.  Duane and Elaine offer nine distinctly different styles of photography to include exquisite color images, black and white infrared images, hand - tinted images and many other impressionistic techniques derived from antique specialty films.  Their years of experience and training coupled with natural born talent has enabled them to establish a degree of expertise and quality that few photographers will ever obtain.  

    Duane and Elaine are internationally recognized for their breathtaking landscape photography and various applications of creative photography.  Having different photographic styles, Elaine is a traditional style photographer and also performs what collectors have referred to as “magic” with her impressionistic specialty film images.  Duane on the other hand utilizes a haptic approach to his photography.  

    Duane and Elaine have literally devoted years of their life to perfecting their art and continue to approach their work with an open mind constantly looking for new, creative techniques.  They have had the privilege of training with some of the most renowned photographers of our time, such as John Sexton, Cole Weston and Morley Baer.  Duane and Elaine’s photographic images are in private and corporate collections around the globe.  

Duane & Elaine Morgan
Fine art photographers